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Avocado is a brand new pregnancy app which uses cutting-edge AI technology to support mood management. Plus, track key pregnancy metrics, manage your private scan appointments & more.

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Features of Avocado App —

Mood Management

Using the latest in AI technology, Avocado can help you track your emotional and physical well-being to support you during your pregnancy journey.

Private Scan Support

Book your next private scan with Window to the Womb, access your scan memories, upload bump photos and share instantly with loved ones.

Kicks Tracking

Kick counting and other key tracking metrics can be inputted on a daily basis to learn more about your pregnancy journey.

Key Pregnancy Insights

Receive insights and analysis on you and baby, including mood and stress levels.

Avocado App

Discover more benefits.

The Avocado app has a full suite of exciting features. Learn more about our story and how Avocado can help you during your perinatal journey.

About Avocado

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I’ve enjoyed updating it daily, a great app for any expectant mother.

"That you could also book a scan through the app at your local window to womb I haven’t seen this on any other app and it was nice as some people may want 4D scans doing I know I do! I like the bonding activities for you and your baby"
Avocado User
"I like that the dad of the baby can participate too, the baby can get used to the dads voice reading out loud and singing nursery rhymes. I would say it's encouraged my partner to get more excited that our baby interacts with him too and will recognise his voice when he's born."
Avocado User
"The Avocado app was really easy to use. It is filled with useful information which have helped me throughout my pregnancy. I love tracking my pregnancy & well-being week to week."
Avocado User

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